Water damage in Mexico

Those people have to hire trucks to deliver drinking water, at costs sometimes exponentially higher than wealthy residents pay in better-served neighborhoods. Full damage assessments will be completed once flood waters have sufficiently receded, the state government said. People in rich neighborhoods on the other side of town, “they don’t have to think about water, she added. The State of Mexico’s municipalities of Tlalnepantla, Huixquilucan, Naucalpan and Ecatepec, and several within Mexico City, had heavy rains that seriously damaged the local infrastructure.

In the immense neighborhood of Iztapalapa where nearly two million people live, many of them unable to count on water from their taps a teenager was swallowed up where a crack in the brittle ground split open a street.

What water problems are faced by Mexico?

A long-term drought that has hit two-thirds of Mexico looks set to worsen in coming weeks, with forecasts warning of high temperatures, crop damage and water supply shortages on the horizon, including in the populous capital. More than half of Mexican households with access to piped water receive services on an intermittent basis, particularly in smaller municipalities and poor areas. We found opportunities in the central and southern parts of the country where there are pockets of communities without access to networked water and sanitation systems and a robust microfinance market served by a variety of types of institutions. The water available to many northern Mexico residents is drying up for reasons that go beyond the impact of climate warming.

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