Does Water Damage Get Worse Over Time? - A Comprehensive Guide

If left unattended, water damage can worsen over time; how quickly it occurs varies depending on the amount of water present, in which areas, and the age of the home or business. Make sure you know that what is left is superficial, either by doing an inspection or confirming with the owner of your property. Water damage is a big problem in any home or workplace, not to mention it's very common. Water spills and floods are not uncommon and, if not properly treated, can worsen.

The fire burns quickly and destroys everything in its path immediately. However, water is slower with its destruction, but just as bad. Water damage can go from being a solvable problem to turning an entire house into inhabitable. The process and the amount of time it takes to repair water damage in your home can vary.

Factors such as the size of your home, floor materials, number of affected areas, and more will affect the restoration schedule. A small home damaged by a significant amount of water may take longer to repair than a large home that suffered only minor water damage. It all depends on the particular situation you're facing, but you can use some general guidelines to estimate how long the repair process will take. It takes approximately 72 hours for affected areas to dry completely; this only applies from room to room.

Larger areas affected by water damage need longer drying times. Regardless of the size of the affected area, you must follow specific protocols to restore the interior quality of your home completely. While all water can dry out in 72 hours, it can take several weeks to repair all the damage caused. To help you deal with water damage affecting your property the right way, we'll provide you with a detailed guide on the entire process below.

We can sit here all day and talk about generalized statements related to water damage restoration. But that wouldn't help you, the complexity of water damage affecting your property is the determining factor in this situation. It may seem that all damage caused by water ingress is visible, but several invisible elements can affect the safety of your property. Asbestos tests are first performed on all houses built before 1985; after that, the repair process can begin.

It takes 24 to 48 hours to get your asbestos test results. If no asbestos is found, the drying process can begin. When asbestos tests positive, your designated restoration company must eliminate everything before starting repairs. After all the water in your house has dried up, you can begin the restoration process.

Remember, no matter how complex water damage is, the best way to reduce water damage is immediate action. When trying to get a solid schedule for how long repairs will take, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Answering these simple questions will give you a clearer idea of how long it will take to restore water damage. After addressing all of the above factors, you can breathe a little easier, as it means that the repair and restoration process is just around the corner.

There are several steps to restoring water damage; inspection and drying are just the beginning. You may need to leave your home for an extended period in very serious cases until the restoration is complete. This ensures that you and your family are not exposed to hazardous or harmful substances. After removing all the water, dehumidifiers are the next step; they help to extract stubborn moisture trapped in walls and other building materials.

If the carpet, kitchen or bedroom furniture is affected by water damage, the repair process will take longer. From start to finish, you should prepare for about a month's work before you can move back into your home. Now that you know the general schedule for water damage repairs, you can prepare for all the steps. Ask yourself these two questions: “How serious is the damage? and “Are there any immediate health risks posed by water damage? The answers will help you plan the best approach to solving your problem.

The last step is to contact Steamy Concepts for service. One problem with ignoring water damage is that it can get worse and can happen faster than you imagine. It might not seem like much now, and you might think it's not going to get any worse. But if there's an ongoing cause, which you may not know exists, you may find that it's rapidly greater.

Once pipes corrode, they tend to leak, which can lead to more water damage and a greater need for water damage restoration. This cycle can also be quite costly. Water damage only worsens over time, and water damage also creates ideal conditions for mold growth. Excess water and moisture need to be removed, and affected materials should be dried immediately, so it is imperative that it be addressed immediately.

Yes, but floodwater often contains chemicals and other contaminants that react with pipes. This can cause them to weaken and, over time, corrode. To make matters worse, you don't have time to waste repairing water damage. Mold can begin to develop in as little as 24 hours, even with small amounts of water.

Water damage can also cause all kinds of safety hazards and structural problems that you might not even notice until it's too late. Regardless of the severity of the initial damage, you cannot afford to wait to start the water cleaning process. That's why you should contact a professional water damage restoration provider the moment you detect leaks. For this reason, you should contact a water damage restoration company such as Steamy Concepts as soon as possible. If you notice water damage now, fixing it as soon as possible can help prevent future problems. Homeowners insurance provides coverage for sudden and accidental damage (such as a broken water heater or a broken pipe).

The best way to prepare for a flood is to know where.

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